First blog post.. & Stila 'Make Me Blush' Palette

Hello! This is my first blog post so please bear with me. I'm still getting used to all of this!

First of all I am so excited to enter the world of blogging. I have read and watched countless blogs and videos on absolutely anything and everything, and now I've decided to take the plunge and try it out for myself! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I've enjoyed creating it :)

First thing's first. Check out my favourite new item:

That's right, it's the new Limited Edition Stila 'Make Me Blush' Palette. I purchased this last week and it is absolutely beautiful and a steal for only $25! It was so coveted that I bought the last one in Myer Melbourne! And I was only able to get my hot little hands on it because I had put one on hold weeks before. But I am so glad that I did.

Here is a photo of how it actually looks in real life:

Apologies for the image quality as this photo was taken on my iPhone but as you can see the colours are just stunning to look at and I was very scared to use it and ruin it. Although finally, I tried it one day and sad to say that all the gold flecks on the hearts at the top came off so easily that there is now no more gold on it at all. (Similar to the Rimmel Sunshimmer Shimmering Maxi Bronzer if you have ever tried that product).

Nonetheless, it's still a beautiful product and definitely a must-have to add to any makeup enthusiast's collection. I will try it out again and will report back on how I find it. But for now, I'm just so happy that I own one :)

Til next time!


  1. Cute valentine - ish blush! x Post more, Jeanie! x

  2. Hi darl, it's definitely a bit confusing starting a blog, I've been at it for a few months now and I am still taking baby steps, LOL. I wonder some days if it will ever get any easier, haha. Writing the posts is the easy part, however then I spend hours and hours trying to set up the layout, add photos etc, surly there must be an easier way, haha. Congrats on a great blog, looking forward to checking out your future posts :)

  3. Aww thanks guys! You are too sweet! Since starting my new job I have been re-immersed into the world of blogging and after some encouragement I have decided that I may just give it a go again! Thanks so much for your support! xx

  4. I heard that still is a pretty good product with their blush.
    I still waiting your new blog post girl ^^

    Good Luck :)


  5. Hi Fenny,

    This is actually the only Stila blush product I own.. Thanks so much for leaving a comment.. hopefully I get my act together soon and actually start blogging!

    Thanks for reading my one post :)